What is a IDL.

The International Driver's License consists of the following 2 documents:
A translation of your government issued Driver’s License presented in a form of a passport size booklet translated into 16 Languages and an optional digital version of the IDL booklet document that can be accessed on your mobile phone.

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  • What do British drivers need to drive aboard?

    British license holders are required to take their British driving license when driving aboard. An International Driving License (IDL) is a translation of that document in fourteen UN recognized languages and can assist with car rental and dealing with police and the authorities in foreign countries. Insurance is also recommended.

  • Who provides the cheapest IDL?:

    IDA are the largest supplier of British International Driving Licences and provide fee delivery via Royal mail. The other providers of this service are US based and charge expensive delivery charges.

  • What is the quickest way to get an International driving Licence?

    The fastest way is via your smartphone. IDA are the UK leaders and via smartphone a client can take their own photograph and pay with debit or credit cards. Clients have the option to get an instant Digital version via email for an extra 2 pounds. This will assist a person who is already abroad or in the airport.

  • How long does it take to get an IDL?

    As the UK’s largest supplier we deliver to our customers via free Royal Mail in two working days? For customers opting for the digital version it is delivered via email immediately.

  • What happens post Brexit for British drivers in Europe?

    It is too early to say at this stage what details will be agreed but a current British License coupled with the added safety of an IDL is suggested for motorists.

  • How do I get an IDL?

    British motorists can apply online for an IDL and require a copy of their current valid British License? On a smartphone customers have their option to take their own photograph and to scan their British License for the IDL to be issued. Delivery is free via Royal mail.

  • What is an IDL:

    Is a bespoke product for British motorists wishing to drive safely and unhindered aboard. The IDL translates your British license into 16 UN recognized languages giving you’re the peace of mind when dealing with situations abroad.

  • Can I drive abroad on by UK License?

    Your current UK license is required to be on your person when driving overseas. However, in addition it is also suggested that you acquire an IDL with provides a translation of your license into all major international languages and so ease any issues with police or authorities when away from home.

Note: This product is not suitable for driving in Japan.